Our Commitment of Responsibility

Every day, more than 150 million people around the world use a Bausch Health product.

At Bausch Health, we believe that doing business responsibly is essential to achieving our core business goals, in Canada and world-wide. We believe we only succeed by holding ourselves to the highest standards of business conduct and ethical behavior.

From our headquarters in Canada, we strive to reinforce a culture of quality and compassion throughout our organization, to support better, safer, more sustainable operations every day. To that end, we continue to develop innovative approaches to growing a portfolio of meaningful products, with an eye to empowering the Bausch Foundation, established in 2017 to support disease prevention and people around the world in need of health care.

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Bausch Foundation

The Bausch Foundation

The Bausch Foundation was established in 2017 to improve the lives of patients world-wide by providing access to safe, effective medicines and by financially supporting health care education and causes around the world.

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As part of our commitment to responsible medication [medical sharps] disposal, we are proud to support Medications Return Programs [and/or Sharps Collection Programs] managed by Health Products Stewardship Association (HPSA). These programs provide a safe and convenient way for consumers to dispose of unused or expired household medications (medical sharps) in an environmentally responsible manner.

To learn more about properly storing and handling pharmaceuticals and medical sharps or finding a collection location near you, we encourage you to visit the HPSA website at www.healthsteward.ca

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