• Bausch Health, Canada provides support for educational grants in compliance with our Code of Ethical Practices for Stakeholder Interactions, SOP CMP-120- Review and Approval of Grants and Donations and applicable industry codes of conduct (IMC, MEDEC).
  • Bausch Health, Canada provides funding ONLY to eligible institutions or organizations. Funding is not provided to individual health care providers (HCPs), medicine professional corporations or medical practices owned by individual HCPs.
  • Bausch Health, Canada Grant Committee will review ONLY unsolicited Grant Requests. Involvement of Sales or Marketing or any employee in the solicitation of a Grant is not permitted.

Grants Support Requirements

  • Bausch Health, Canada generally funds educational grants made to not-for profit organizations or associations.
  • Each request must be in writing and contains sufficient details regarding the requesting organization, the proposed educational initiative/program and use of funds to enable the Grants Committee to properly consider the requests.
  • The request must also disclose whether grants are requested from other sources, and disclose all other sources of funding.
  • Bausch Health, Canada will review the overall financial support of an organization as a factor in our funding decision. We strongly encourage use of financial support from different companies (multi-source funding).
  • Bausch Health, Canada will not support an organization’s specific day-to-day operational expenses, such as salaries of its staff. Funding may only be used for out of pocket expenses.
  • Bausch Health, Canada will not support initiatives which are reimbursed in whole or in part by a provincial health care system or other third party payor.
  • Once the request is approved, Bausch Health, Canada will require a written agreement with the requesting organization confirming that the funding will be used EXCLUSIVELY for the educational program that was approved. Otherwise, the organization MUST return the funds to Bausch Health, Canada.
  • Bausch Health, Canada will provide payment for an approved request only to the requesting organization.
  • Bausch Health, Canada will not provide funding to support an event that has already occurred.
  • Bausch Health, Canada will not provide funding to support entertainment or recreational activities.

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